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CoCo La Rue Opening Their Corporate Store At Montgomery Mall & Overseas Store in Paris France In The Works

Corporate store opens August 26th
About the Event

A List Hair Extensions Stylist CoCo La Rueis opening her Corporate Store inside Montgomery Mall in Bethesda Maryland, a small area on the outside of Washington DC. CoCo La Rue, a well known hair stylist is set to open her Overseas showroom next year in Paris, France. Her showroom store in Paris will also act as a hair extension training facility every 2 month. Here Students will be able to be trained with hair extensions the way they are applied in the USA. Hair professionals in Paris will now be able to offer their clients this innovative hair extensions technique that is truly one of a kind. CoCo’s training will teach you the ins and outs of how to apply hair extensions, what to use and what not to use. Our classroom will feature local French models for all live applications. There are 15 techniques that’s being taught at CoCo La Rue School Of Extensions. Students will walk away with the knowledge of knowing how to be successful in the hair business. We are told that CoCo is proud of her class on “Customer Service. “CoCo says if you offer good customer service, good products and do not leave the customer waiting who has a hair appointment you will for sure be successful. Some things you might have to give a customer service or products for free to assure them you appreciate their business, this for sure will keep them coming back to you. A customer should never be told NO, it should always be “this might not be possible BUT let me try.” Students will be taught this and so much more that follows.

CoCo La Rue Corporate Showroom in Montgomery Mall will feature her entire collection of amazing products. Coco says it’s been a longtime coming and that for a longtime she was un-sure of where she wanted her corporate store to be. She has always loved Westfield Malls and she’s looking forward to building a long lasting relationship with the company. Shoppers will be able to browse and shop this store next month in August.

Call for details 844-284-COCO (2626). Local DC Showroom: 301-469-0100

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