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CoCo La Rue – The most beautiful hair in the world. It’s a fact!

CoCo La Rue Hair is a signature collection of Hair Extensions for women when only the best will do. It’s signature collection is worn by high profile women around the World. It’s worn by Doctors, Attorneys, Actors, Singers, Models, and more. Top notch hair stylists offer their high end clientele who wear extensions of the CoCo La Rue Brand. This signature hair stays beautiful for 2 years or longer. Most responses from customers who wear CoCo La Rue For The first time is Some say “I’m so happy that I found the best hair extensions in the industry, my search is OVER! Even though Beauty does not define our beauty but beauty hair extensions will definitely give us confidence and as the saying goes with great hair, comes great confidence. CoCo La Rue Hair will give you the hair you always dreamed of. Wake up every morning to beautiful hair.

(Q) Who wears CoCo La Rue Hair?

(A) Bougie women wear CoCo La Rue Women who demands the best and don’t mind spending treating themselves to quality


1. We Take No Shortcuts

Quality is our main goal.Our hair can be re-use 3 times before you purchase any more hair, you simply reapply the tape and reinstall.

2. Who supplies our hair

CoCo La Rue have 13 hand pickers from around the World in Brazil, Malaysia and India. These hand pickers goes out to the villages and purchase hair directly from young donors in the area. These donors have not permed or colored their hair, the cuticles are virgin and never been chemically processed. Our American management team travels to Brazil, Malaysia and India 5 times a year to train our staff there to make sure all requirements are being followed. These staff members are employees of the CoCo La Rue Corporation here in the USA

3. Like Jay Z 99 Problems, but Your Hair Ain’t One

Our hair not only looks perfect it feels good. When wearing CoCo La Rue you might not be perfect and you might have 99 problems but hair is not one of them. You save money when you purchase CoCo La Rue Hair because this hair can be reused and you don’t have to buy anymore every 12 weeks.

4. Even Our Now Colored Hair lasts A Long Time

CoCo La Rue Hair can be colored by using the same hair color you use on your hair. There’s no need to damage your hair by coloring it when you color your extensions and let them act as a highlighter. If you are unsure of the color you can make an appointment with our colorist, mail in a sample of the color or send in a photo of your hair and our hair colorist Stylist will help guide you in the color matching process.

5. Our Hair Replacements Bonding Glue

When wearing any of CoCo La Rue Hair Replacement pieces that need to be glued down Our adhesive creates long lasting bonds. When your stylists have applied them properly they will last 8-12 weeks. Our adhesive is medical grade and waterproof, it’s strong and lasts a very long time so please don’t be afraid of the water.

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